Vopak 400 years

Last year, Royal Vopak was celebrating its 400th anniversary. To mark this occasion the opening gong of the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange, which marks the start of the day’s stock trading, was rung by a “colleague” from the 17th century in the presence of Royal Vopak’s Executive Board and a few staff members of the Dutch Vopak terminals.


Vopak's history dates back to 1616. Our earliest ancestors stored and handled coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, silk, spices, and other products from all over the world for trading companies such as the East India Company, the world’s first multinational company. Since then, much has changed. Dry bulk gave way to liquid bulk and the company grew, eventually establishing a presence on every continent. Unchanged is that we are still loading and unloading ships, storing and handling product for multiple customers. We have thus been connecting global trade flows for 400 years.


A historical overview of developments and activities of Vopak and its main precursors: Blaauwhoedenveem, Pakhuismeesteren van de Thee (Tea Warehouse Keepers), Van Ommeren and Pakhoed.


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01 Jun 2017