Why diize:

Digitization is entering our markets at a higher and higher pace and it offers lots of opportunities for the maritime ecosystem. At 'diize' our goal is to simplify the maritime industry, by adopting the opportunities that are offered by these digital technologies. We believe that these developments, together with our maritime experience, offer a unique combination to challenge the maritime playing field and explore new ways to extend our services to our customers. In order to truly succeed in this field of innovation and to remain competitive, collaborating with the maritime ecosystem is crucial and thus at the core of our development strategy. 


What we do:

We are developing digital products on all layers of the maritime industry. On board we focus on optimizing the use of data, which will result in a significantly easier port call administration process. By connecting the different stakeholders and opening up information where necessary we also simplify the coordination of services during a port call. Lastly, our aim is to digitize our agency services - so that both the captain and vessel operator can be more in control and can focus on safe operations. 


Want to know more?

Is digital innovation already part of your strategy? Want to know what we can do for you, or want to know more about our initiatives? Get in touch or visit our own website https://www.diize.com

Our contacts

Gerben Beekman
Manager Sales & Business Development
+31 6 53767066